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Sunday, April 20, 2008

"The King" in Zurich

Just got back from Zurich a little bit ago. I went with Heather J and some of her friends. It was fun. We took the "fast" train down there, then took a lunch boat ride around Lake Zurich. It was a little chilly and overcast, but beautiful. The mountains are at the southern end of the lake, which give a magnificent view. (but, truth be told...I prefer Lake Geneva!!)

After the boat ride, we walked over to the museum along the Limmant River. The weather warmed up considerably by then, so it was a lovely walk.

The King Tut exhibit was interesting. It took about 2 hours to go through and we got the Audio tour too, which helped. Most of the displays were written in German, as well as the movies that were shown. I was rather disappointed that the exhibit was just copies of the actual items that were found in the tomb. It was neat to see the history and some of the items though.

After the exhibit, we headed for home. The group was going to stay for dinner, but it was already getting late and we wouldn't be back until way after 10. I actually fell asleep on the train on the way home, so leaving early was a good idea.

I fly home on Friday and will be home for a little over a week. I'm excited to go home, but I've been getitng used to being here. I do feel that I'm getting a little spent over here, so the break will be nice. Still have a bad case of Spring Fever though...


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