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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Blah, Blah, Blah, It's Thursday Night....

Ok, So I finished the wallpaper border the other night and it looks good. Still don't have anything on the walls, but oh well! I still have 4 boxes of "stuff" sitting in here too, but it's out of the way, so I'll worry about it later... (here's the office...the desk is an antique desk that came from Dad's shop - at some point it was off a tanker ship out of the Atlantic...don't ask how they got it in the room...they tell me touch up paint is involved...)

I started working on the basement and I actually emptied a couple of bins and put everything out on tables. Now I just need to find a home for everything and set up the room for my workshop. Still don't have a definite's somewhere between 5 and 12 people!
I finished the heel turn on my 'Fuzzy Feet'. I missed some stitches and ended up with an extra one there too...good thing they are going to be felted! It actually looks like the picture too, which I was REALLY nervous about! Of course most everyone on the FFAL is already finished and working on their 2nd or 3rd pair...apparently they aren't confused by the pattern, have a day job or they just knit 24/7... Or I'm just really slow and can't figure it out!

Today was Happy Haircut day for the furballs. They actually enjoy going to the groomer, in fact she said they walked right into the kennel and they got "Perfect Angel" scores from them too. Um, are you sure you have the right Westies? Brodie is far from an angel!! They do look cute though. But they put the goofy scarf on Brodie and a bow in her hair - she fought 10 minutes trying to get it out - she HATES anything in her "fuzz"!!

This Saturday is the St. Louis Knitting Guild workshop, where I am taking a sock class and seaming with Robin & Anna. I guess they get to harass me over the fact that I'm not really that good at understanding patterns. And they can revel in the fact that they have gotten me to be a part of their "cult". It's one of those things that you "just wouldn't understand" if you weren't a part of it. Who knew that 2 needles and a ball of yarn could be so addictive! (Ok, so I just have to mention that my friend Bill sent me a link to an article about a product prototype for electronic needles that COUNT FOR YOU!!! They are sooooo cool! Too bad they are not on the market yet...I know a couple of knitters that could use them...)


At 7:11 AM, Anonymous anna said...

Cute puppies..and trust me I ain't about to harass you about reading patterns - at least you try to figure them out on your own - I need "professional help"!

See you tomorrow at the workshop (I will miss the horseback riding lesson but oh well - must knit - have 53 days to Christmas).

At 7:11 AM, Anonymous anna said...

you are such a geek by the way - electronic needle counter...


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