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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Times

Just catching up on some stuff around the house after a long and stressful week. It seems like most of them are getting to be like that. Either I'm getting old and not able to deal with it like I used to, or it's really getting to be more stressful. Not sure which it is - it seems to change daily.

I did get some spinning in this week, finally. It took some patience and the manual from Ashford to get it started. I had some fiber left over from the Weaving Dept. when I took it in for it's "hug" and was able to spin some of that. It's pretty rough, but at least I know I can do it. Now, just need more time for practice!

I've been knitting some too. With the holidays less than 2 months away, I've been trying to realistically think what I can actually knit for gifts this year. It's not looking good, but I'm still plugging away... This is a scarf out of Blizzard which is so incredibly soft and chunky. I love using this stuff and it makes great items. I'm doing Laurie's Magic Scarf pattern, which is a snap and gives it a great texture, without being overbearing.

This weekend coming up is the St. Louis Weaving Guild Fiber Sale, so I'll be able to stock up on some fiber. I have some money set aside from my bonus that I bought the wheel, so I can splurge a little bit. Of course I'm going with "enabler Anna", Robin, Jenn and other Spinner/Knitters, so there's a good change the budget can be blown. I'm hoping not, but it will be a good chance to see!

As of Wednesday this week, I was going to be heading to Switzerland for work next weekend. (That would have put it at the 4th thing I could have been doing next weekend!) I was already to go and was expecting my passport and everything, but the PM's I am doing work for right now went the office manager and whined that I had too much to do here and I was told I couldn't go. I decided this was not a battle I wanted to pick, as I'm slated to work on the next phase of the Switzerland project and it's supposed to last a while. The travel will be hard - it's like an 8 hour flight, but the opportunity is once in a lifetime. We'll see how that goes.

Ok, so on the guy front, as most of you are curious...BW (roses, Memphis, etc.) is still here and doing well. We've seen each other the last couple of weekends he's been home and it's been really good. Last weekend I was told that I was at "girlfriend" status, which put me at ease a bit. It takes away a lot of the uncertainty gives a level of comfort, though we are still it the "get to know you" stage. He asked me to go to FL with him to visit his cousin next weekend, but we couldn't get a good rate on plane tickets. We are hoping that he can find a job in STL after the first of the year too! My dad asked yesterday if I was going to introduce him to the family soon, so we'll look at doing that maybe over my birthday weekend next week. Of course my family, while a great group, can be intimidating in shear numbers. Could be interesting...

(ok, so BW and I were driving from dinner to a movie the other night and were cut off by T on the road. Talk about weird!)


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