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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's On Order

I did it.

I ordered a spinning wheel. It's the Ashford Traveler, Double Drive, Double Treadle, Finished.

I didn't think I would like spinning so much, but I do. And I've been waiting for some extra money to come my way to get one...and it did.

So I called Weaving Dept. today, talked to Nancy and put in the order.

Then I talked to Anna. Yep, that Anna. ENABLER ANNA. She struck again. I had lunch with her this week and she got me talking about needing a Woolee Winder, and where to get good fiber and how it's so much more fun to spin in the Winter. She did it. She turned me from a knitter, to a spinner/knitter.

It is supposed to be here in 10 days and I can't wait. Fortunately I have a training class in Memphis next week, so I will be otherwise occupied next week.

It's this one:

Apparently resistance is futile...


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