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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Waiting To Exhale

So I'm having some trouble adjusting. Yes, I really like my job and I like working in St. Louis and all, but I just feeling like I'm not settled yet.

Now I'm all about change, so I'm not fighting that, it's just that I still feel like I'm not in control and everything is not as it should be. I know better and know everything is OK, I just am letting the littlest things bug me, which is driving me crazy! I feel most sorry for T - he's such a great guy and a good sport, but I end up taking stuff out on him, which is so uncool and unfair! During a conversation with Anna last week, we decided that T's name should be: "Poor T....I know!" (This goes with "Poor Wayne...My ASS!" and "Poor Roger...He's Fine", but that's for another post)

I'm getting upset when he is going out with his friends! I never used to be like that with really didn't bother me - we don't have to spend ever minute together and that's great. Lately though, it's just setting me off and I'm not exactly sure why, though I have some pretty good guesses. One is that I am adjusting to the new job and drive, etc. and I'm not doing the things I used to do as much. Since I'm not really working in the office as much, I'm not hanging out with friends at work. I haven't seen much of my ATI friends and it's been so cold that the neighbors haven't really been out too much. I'm really slacking in the workout department and I feel like I'm slacking in the household department. (Not to mention the knitting - eek, less than 2 months to Christmas!)

Bottom line is that I think I'm not adjusting as well to the changes as I should be and I'm taking it out on him, instead of doing something about it. At least I'm realizing it sooner than later and hopefully I can make the necessary adjustments before it's too late. (Today is our 8-month anniversary and I truly couldn't be happier about that!)

Now that all of that is out....I actually feel much better. (T, if you are reading this - I'm sorry and please bear with me - it will all even out soon, I promise!)

Let's continue with our regularly scheduled blog, shall we!...

Currently I'm watching the Cards in the World Series. It's the top of the 6th and they are losing 3-2. My dad and uncle are at the game tonight. My parents went on Tuesday night too. (They paid a bunch for tickets, but they deserve to go - they are big fans and have never gone - and they aren't paying for college anymore!) Good thing they won, as we were not going to let them go tonight - the Cards lost every playoff game they attended! Dad says it's Mom, but I'm not so sure, especially if they lose tonight! It's been fun watching them play, especially since I still can't believe they are actually playing AND contending. They need to cinch tomorrow night in St. Louis! Edited at 11:30pm - CARDS WIN - THAT'S 3 GAMES BABY!!! 1 MORE TO GO!!!

Speaking of sports, T & I took his brother Mark to the Mizzou Homecoming game last weekend. The game was great, but we left about 1/2 way through the 3rd quarter. Most everyone else had left at that time too - it poured from the second play of the game, until we got to about the Kingdom City exit. I haven't been that wet (while fully clothed) in a long time - my hair was DRIPPING wet in the car! Thank goodness we took the Volvo with the heated seats... The game was good though and it was fun other than the rain. It's been fun watching them this year, as I didn't go to a big football school. Now TU is doing well this year too, so football is good to watch all over!

Saturday night we are going to a Halloween party. I haven't been to a costume party since college, so I'm not sure what to dress up as. T and I are going costume shopping on Sat, though he called tonight to say that he already got a costume - he's going as a member of DEVO, which came up in a conversation over the weekend, which he didn't remember until I mentioned it. I'd have to say it's creative and quite retro! He suggested that I go as a "Queen Bee" - black & yellow stripes with a tiara. Now I'm all about tiaras, so we may have a winner! Just to put it together... (yes, I'll have pictures)

Ok, here's the skinny on the spinning. I can't spindle spin to save my life. (Sorry, Blogger is being crabby about pix tonight!) I have trouble getting the spindle starting, then getting the right amout of fleece going and not pinching it all too hard. Apparently I am twisting it too much and causing it to "double up" on the spindle. I didn't make the class this past weekend because of the MU game, so this weekend is the start of using the wheel. I'm excited to try it, as I hear it's much different than the spindle. That's good, as I suck at the spindle! And since I missed a week, Carol is going to have a make-up class for me on the 4th to go over it. We'll see how it goes - at least I can say that I tried it!

Christmas knitting is still going, though SLOWLY! I'm almost finished with the one side of the baby kimono sweater, but I think it may be too long in the front in order to get to the right number of stitches. It will be close though. It's such an easy knit, which is good. And I started the sweater for Little A, but I'm not sure if I have the gauge right. It might be a little big for her, but she's growing fast. I'm sure she'll love the colors too. (Pictures soon - didn't get them taken this round)


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