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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just A Game of Cards (Redbirds, if you will)

Since I've been a huge slacker lately, and not just in blogging, I decided I would try to pick everything back up, though taking baby steps, not quite giant ones...

So, I am posting the pictures and commentary on the St. Louis Cardinal's Opening Day (April 10) and the game we went to last week (April 27). I figure if I do this in chunks, everyone will get caught up and I won't freak out and be overwhelmed!

Anyway, April 10 was the Cardinal's home opener. This was a HUGE deal, as it was the opening of the new stadium too. Tim & I decided to head downtown to hang out for the day and see if we could maybe get a hold of some tickets. We ended up walking around downtown and to the stadium - very cool!!

There were tickets to be bought off the street, but they were asking WAY too much for them - $250 EACH for BLEACHER seats. And that was after the first pitch of the game. We decided that was WAY to expensive and opted to watch the game from Mike Shannon's (great name) across the street. It was really wild though, because it's across the street from the stadium, so you can hear the roar of the crowd when something happens, then it was broadcasted over the radio that was dubbed in, then you could watch it on was like having a premonition! At about the 8th inning, we decided to walk over the stadium and see if they had opened the gates yet. They weren't, but we could stand outside the centerfield fence and they broadcast the game over speakers outside, so we could still hear what was going on. The gates opened at the end of the game, so we were able to "sneak" in and walk around the stadium. We went over to the seats that Tim's friend has and took lots of pictures of the park. I LOVE IT!

Afterwards, we went over to Patty O's and then to Al Hrabosky's and ended up running into Tim's friend Carter.

I had to laugh, as I was pointing out this crazy guy on the table across the tent from us and it ended up being Carter! He took some great pictures of Opening Day too, including a pretty good one of us:

It was a long day, but it was so much fun. I actually got a little sun and was able to say I was downtown for the opening of the NEW Busch Stadium.

Last week we went to the Cards/Nationals game with my brother Tim and his wife Diane.

Dinner beforehand at Michael's on Manchester in Maplewood was great. We sat in the seats that our parent's have this year. They are on the 1st base line and are the first row in the 2nd section back, so we didn't have to worry about people standing in front of us. Hopefully we'll get to go to more games!

Ok, so that's it for the Cards' games. Next up, I'll try to get pictures and stories from the KC wedding road trip from last weekend...Oh, and pictures of my favorite "tacky magnet" thus far!

Whoops, almost forgot...Sheep 2.0 is knit and actually in the process of drying after felting...Here's the pic pre-felt. Good thing this weekend is on the THIRD rodeo of the season....(see, I'm an equal-opportunity slacker!!)

And I joined the St Louis Knits!! Webring (see button in the side bar)- it's so much fun seeing everyone's blog in St. Louis!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! I may even have some gratuitous Margarita-madness pix from tomorrow night too!


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