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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Going Once...Going Twice...SOLD!

Saturday night was the auction for Marian Middle School that Mom co-chaired. I helped during the day putting together baskets, so I got a sneak-peak. Very cool stuff. Would have loved to have gotten a hold of some of the Cards' tickets, but they were outrageously high! I did end up with a cool Rams' basket of stuff and a Garden basket, complete with a $100 gift card to Home Depot (Thanks Dad!). It's going to go towards a table & chairs for the deck!

After the auction, we hung out at Nick's pub around the corner from the hall. It was a lot of fun, though very loud. I loved hanging out with my siblings, my parents, a cousin and my favorite St. Louis aunt & uncle - an interesting crowd, but a blast nonetheless!

Here are some pix from the evening...

Dave & Stacey

Shannon & Tim

Jim & MA

John & Betsy (MA's roommate & her boyfriend)

Aunt Alice, Cousin Jen & Uncle Mike


At 2:24 PM, Blogger Penny Karma said...

Ok, don't think this is weird, but I got to your blog via a listing of St Louis KnitBlog types through Yarn Harlot, circuitiously, and I saw those pics and gasped, I know that guy!!!

I know Tim from like 10 or 15 years ago when I worked at the library at UMSL. He's a good guy!

It was a hoot to see him, he looks just the same.

- Sarah

P.S. I'm not a creepy jealous ex or anything, fear not! I just wanted to tell you he's cool. :)


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