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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Why We Miss You At Family Dinners...

Got this letter from my brother Matt today after asking about the dates for his graduation:

Dear Family,

As you should want to know by now I am not planning on graduating at all. I have dropped out of school and am planning to move to Huntington Beach, California and write sitcoms for UPN. The first one is a highly anticipated teen romp entitled "The Deep End". It involves six sexy and unique lifeguards who work at the local public pool and their hardcased ex-coast guard boss. The series is just in its initial stages right now but looks pretty promising. And the people at UPN are really behind me. I think we might even get that kid from the movie Problem Child.

Just kidding.


So I guess he's figured out what do to with that Art Major....

PS - yes, sock 1.2 is still in process...finally finished the heel flap, but it's been a crazy/busy week...more pictures tomorrow...when I actually get some more done!

Oh, and I think I have a date with one of the guys from eHarmony this weekend...


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