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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Geez...Alright I'll Post Already!

I know I've been a slacker on my blog the last couple of weeks...But I've had good excuses!

Actually today is the first day I have actually had to sit down for a few minutes, yet I still have stuff to do today too! Since Jan 5, I have:

Made cards for my CTMH Open House
Held a CTMH Open House

Attended Dinner at my boss's house
Coached Swim Team
Practiced Master's Swimming (and swam or run/walked other times too!)
Set Up for the SJG Benefit Crop
Worked/Cleaned up the SJG Benefit Crop

Drove with MA & Mom to south Chicago (9 hours driving in 1 day!) to visit the Outlet mall (I get to navigate next time, as we really didn't have to see downtown Aurora on the way!)
Attended a Parish Council Meeting
Attended a DG Meeting
Attended a Tulsa Alumni Cocktail Party
Held a Scrapbooking crop at my house
Held a Gathering at a customer's house in Troy, Mo (first $1000 gathering!)
Started my CTMH website

Ok, so I know more people out there are busier than I am (but I don't have kids!) , but I rank right up there...

So, that being said though...that means that I haven't even TOUCHED my knitting in a couple of weeks...not good! The sheep has been started, but still has a bit to go.
(This is the "tooshie" end... the clip is where the tail will go) I would love to have them both done by the PBR on Feb. 25th, but I think that's going to be pushing it, with the Knitting Olympics coming up. Rodeo season starts March or April, so I have some time...

"The Knitting Olympics?" you say...Oh, yes, the Knitting Olympics!!! I've always DREAMED of being an Olympian and Lord knows I'll never make it there swimming. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee put out the challenge to all knitters to complete a project during the 16 Days of Glory, AKA The Winter Olympic Games. The project must be something challenging to each individual and completed during that time frame. Since I'm always up for a challenge, I joined in. I decided I would knit my first pair of socks. Of course Anna had to chime in that I could already knit in the round and have technically done socks before, so I needed to knit Cabled Socks. The pattern I came up with this pattern - Cable Twist Socks. (As if Cabled Socks weren't enough...I had to throw in the TWIST...I think I get extra degree of difficulty points in snowboarding!)

So, that will be my February (at least from Feb 10 - Feb. 26). Apparently I am going to have to break the knitting speed barrier and figure out how to get them done. I haven't crossed that "knitting during meetings" line, but I'm starting to figure out ways to justify it...I think I can wrangle it, if I get creative!

Wish me luck and I welcome sponsors of my team - mainly chocolate and wine - they are legal in the competition!

PS - As for the picture...I'll see what I can come up with for a replacement...Right now I don't have many "self-portraits" that are good, so I may post the pups instead...


At 5:24 PM, Blogger Kara said...

Hey girl-

I was inspired by our conversation by the fence last night. I left thinking, what is a blog? why do it? does it cost?

So, after I got my Ziploc from Joe and Katy, loaded up the Valentine's goodies and settled in for the evening, I decided to check out TechyGeekGirlKnits. How fun is this!

I was so impressed that I set up my own blog tonight. I did the MEME profile (or whatever it's called-it WAS late); which I'll post on my blog later.

So, the flowers are beautiful. You did better than this married lady, but Kurt and I agreed to keep the LOVE madness in check this year. Gas is over two bucks a gallon afterall.

Saw my name in the archives re: the knitting lessons. We should get at it before it gets gorgeous again outside.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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