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Friday, December 30, 2005

But I've Been On Vacation...

So I've been slacking in the blogging department...but I've had a really good excuse! I've been SOOO busy this week doing, well, not much of anything, but still being busy!

Christmas was fun, though I had a meltdown...and I don't mean the chocolate for fudge type either. It really hit me that morning that I was single again and it bummed me out BIG TIME. (That and if I hear anymore about iPods, I'm going to scream) Of course as usual I was exagerating a bit on the melodrama and snapped out of it pretty quick...I'll be happy when all of the holidays are done and I can get back to "real life"....

Christmas Eve was fun...Matt did his best "Lounge Lizard" imitation which was quite entertaining.

And we opened gifts from each other and hung out for awhile. Everyone went to Midnight mass at Chaminade again this year...I didn't go because 1. I wouldn't get back to my house until after 2am & 2. I had to read at 10:45am mass at my church (which was entertaining with THE organist and the irredescent fiber optic flowers tucked behind the crucifix on the least the chaser lights weren't up this year!) On Christmas Day, Matt & I played Boggle and then got smoked by Mom in Scrabble. Yahtzee was a little better, though Matt threw a Yahtzee every game! Later when Ali & Jim came by, we played Loaded Questions which was a riot...Questions like: Rap Music makes me want to ______. And then the asker has to figure out who answered what. You must be creative to play this game!

Monday was swimming and returns to Target. I left the house at 4pm and walked right into the Service desk at Target and had it returned and on my way in 20 minutes. (The Home Cafe Pod coffee maker that Matt gave me had been used, so I exchanged it for a new one) Tuesday was house cleaning and then me and my neighbors had a progressive dinner which was a blast. It was fun to hang out with everyone and their kids and see everyone's house. The 4th house we went to is identical in layout to mine, but they have done so much to it that you wouldn't even KNOW it was the same - it's so cute too! So I got some great pix of everyone at my house and of my neighbor Joe, holding the basket, that would kill me if I knew I posted this picture of him carrying a basket. He aslo made the lighted gift block AND TIED THE BOW himself...

On Wednesday I met Dad for lunch and we went to the MAC. Yeah, I can see Ali having a wedding reception there someday...This place is BEAUTIFUL. And Dad ran into a couple of guys he knew and we kept saying we recognized people down there too...Anyway, one of the guys we ran into is a father of a kid Matt (21 - this is important!) went to high school with. So they were talking about the boys and school, etc. and I was introduced as "this is my daughter Shannon". The question from this gentleman was: "So where DO you go to school?" Answer: "10 years ago I graduated from TU..." I know I should be thankful that I look so young, but I hate being thought of as younger (happens at work ALL THE TIME) because most of my colleagues over the years equate young age to "inexperience and don't have a clue". Um, not true, thanks!

I made more hats on the Knifty Knitter this week...One for Matt and a couple for babies.

I love the chunky yarn on it...goes so fast and is so cute! I bought the "bar" version of it too to make scarfs and that on it...will have fun coming up with new projects! Made a trip to Knitorious while I was in the city and got a 25% discount on my purchase, so I stocked up. The stash is now in 2 baskets...Anna & Robin would be so proud! This afternoon Betsy and her daughter are going to stop by to do some stamping for a fund raiser for her trip to DC. I have my open house for the new CTMH Catalog next weekend, which should be fun. I think I am going to get a website through them too, so people can order without waiting for a party. We'll see how that goes...that will be a project for Monday probably!

Oh, and for those of you that noticed...that is the countdown for NEXT Christmas, to start those Knitting gift projects early! And that's a "diet" tracker for me...I joined the Master's Swimming program today, so we'll see how that goes....

Anna has made a suggestion that I make some lists for New Year's and they are in process and will be posted sometime this weekend! Until then...have a happy last couple of days of 2005!


At 8:00 AM, Anonymous dina said...

:) Don't be bummed. I know, it's easy for someone to say, but hard not to do. But guess what? 2006 better watch out -- there's a new YOU to look for and it's on YOUR terms!

So you dig the Knifty Knitter, huh? Great ... another "must have" to add to the wish list :)

What a coincidence that we have the same boots, do CTMH, and knit! How cool is that?

Good luck on your Open House and keep us posted! I don't ever plan on doing one, but I get just as excited and anxious as everyone else who holds one.

Have an awesome, happy, and safe New Year!

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon ( or should I say "Sharon" as Mark said about 30 times last night?!) That was pretty funny. I like your site and would love to see something you knitted! Basket man is back in bed. Erik will be up later to check your yard for fireworks fallout. I'm so glad you were able to come last night, I really enjoyed myself. Happy New year! Katy


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