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Monday, December 05, 2005

Do You Have A Case Of The Mondays??

First and foremost...thanks to all of you who came to my Open House. It was very fun and I can't believe I fit that many people in my house! I still haven't fully cleaned (don't tell anyone that I have all the food still on trays in my fridge!) and the beer is still sitting out on the deck! (It's actually colder out there than in the fridge...) Hopefully the teenage boys that live behind me don't catch on to that...

So it was an ecclectic mix of people at my house... All my brothers were there, with Stacy & Diane, Mom & Dad and Alice & Mike. They are a fun group and camped out in the kitchen most of the night. Anna & Wayne were there, which was cool to have my parents meet them, as they can put a name with a face. My parents really enjoyed them and Matt may be convinced to be a roper this next year! Wild Bill came by after his date and talked tech with Anna and apparently laughed at me for being a self-proclaimed geek. (Truth be told, Anna actually came up with the name of my blog...don't worry, I have a couple of blog names for her too...just kidding!) A couple of friends from Church came by and got their new CTMH about excited! Then all my neighbors came by later...they closed down the party at about midnight! Can't wait for this summer and parties on the deck. We were talking the other night that we could have a great bash in the corner of all of our yards! (No, I don't have any pictures...even had the camera out, but forgot to actually use it!What a slacker I am!)

I worked the Delta Gamma Center Christmas Tree lot yesterday and it was cold. Yeah, I know my last name is Winters, but that's about as far as I get for this cold crap! I did meet a local St. Louis celebrity - John Carney. He's a radio talk show host on KMOX at night, with a very distinguishable voice. It was neat, though uneventful. Sold lots of trees though!

This week is pretty quiet. I am currently at work, again, for today. There was some issues with some guys we had come in on the off shifts to train, so I wanted to make sure they were all set up and doing what they need to do. They are doing well, so I'm not going to stay long... It's actually interesting coming in during the off shifts...everyone looks at you funny and it's a whole different atmosphere. It's very different without all of Management here! I'll be bailing here in a minute, though will be up for awhile - I took a 3 hour nap today, then drank 2 Dr. Peppers before leaving the house, so I'll be up for a couple more hours!

Started my Snow Country Mittens last night. I'm up to the thumb gusset and Anna already talked through it for me. I need to stop trying to figure it all out on paper and just work it through. I freak myself out reading through it, instead of actually working on it! I'm using Plymouth Outback Wool in a bright multi color, which will be fun when felted. I need to get to Knitorious and pick up some yarn for Stacy's scarf for Christmas...I have something really cool in mind for that. Not sure what I'm going to work on after that...

20 Days until Christmas...AHHHHHHHHHH!


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