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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Just Another Day

Today is my 33rd birthday. For some reason, I think that this day is a big deal, but not everyone feels that way. (Ok, I'll admit that Mr. CFP used to go all out on my birthday and I miss that! Thanks Dave, Stacy, MA, Jim & Dad for taking me to dinner!)

So, while I was being down this morning (for really no reason), I started thinking of all the events that I have exerienced, all the people I have met and things I have learned over the last year and it's actually quite alot...:
  1. I was able to spend the holidays with JUST my family and stay as long as I wanted. I didn't have to leave early to get home if I didn't want to and didn't have to referee anything.
  2. I got to attend my god-daughter Aubrey's 1st birthday party (and looking forward to her 2nd)
  3. I had a blind date on New Year's Eve and got presents from him on Valentine's Day. (didn't last long though...but I learned a lot from that)
  4. I got divorced and was able to get my name back....Winters..."like the season"!
  5. I figured out that I DO NOT look good in short hair...though I do look best as a blonde!
  6. I have a job where I am respected and I feel like I contribute on a daily basis (been there 1 year now & I had57 SOPs written & approved over the last year)
  7. Ft. Madison, IA is really cold and really boring in February.
  8. I am a VP for the DG Alumnae group, the Ladies' Sodality at Church and I am getting involved with the TU Alumni group.
  9. Transmissions are really expensive...and sometimes not worth replacing.
  10. I sold a house, moved into an apartment, bought a house and moved all in 6 months....(I don't recommend it and fish hate it!)
  11. I met Anna & Wayne who are great people and helped me through a tough time. Now that it's all over, they are really fun to hang out with.
  12. I learned how cool horses are and I am learning to ride and can even saddle a horse (with some help.)
  13. I bought my first pair of cowboy boots - Ariats...they are SOOOO comfortable.
  14. I have a freqent buyer card at Orschelin's and most of the yarn and scrapbooking stores in the area.
  15. I moved back to Washington, where I think I belong...Ever since driving out here in the jeep back in 1999...I've always had a place for it in my heart.
  16. I was "engaged" to the wrong man, for all the wrong reasons. If I had trusted my gut instincts earlier, so many things would have turned out differently!
  17. Family is so important and won't turn their back on you...but you have to treat them like friends and respect them. And they will be honest with you when you aren't the best friend that you can be. It's worth it to keep these relationships real.
  18. I am re-acquainting myself with ME. For as geeky as I can be, I'm actually very cool to hang out with. I am Ok on my own, though I miss being with someone SOMETIMES... but at least my house stays clean!
  19. I learned to knit and am now part of "the cult". Thanks to Anna & Robin for inducting me.
  20. I was accused of being dominant and was actually proud of that...There is nothing wrong with being an Alpha Female. And I have met a bunch of them...Kerin, Anna, Robin, Mary, Ingrid, Jan, Shelly....
  21. Chicago is such a fun city to much to do and so much character.
  22. I am an Independent consultant with Close To My Heart. I have finally figured out how to turn my hobby into a business.
  23. I met Lucille, who is a combination of what both of my grandmothers would be if they were both still alive.
  24. I was able to look at my Faith from a different perspective. It's amazing what you come to realize when looking at it from there. Who knew that a Catholic could learn so much from her Baptist friends. (All the people I met at Morse Mill are great too...)
  25. I learned to navigate South St Louis and Jefferson Counties.
  26. I found that I am not as bad of a golfer that I thought I was.
  27. I was able to spend some great time with my Grandpa Nafziger and get a hold of some great old photo albums. I treasure the scrapbook from MaMoo from 1916.
  28. I learned to create an oil painting, that my brother the art major was impressed with.
  29. I went to my first rodeo and became a "groupie" to a couple of Mutton Busters who now call me "Aunt Shannon". I have learned a lot AND can talk knowlegably about roping, riding, clowning, etc.
  30. A coat of paint will do wonders to the look of the inside of a house.
  31. Sullivan is an interesting town to work in...different from St. Louis...the people are a lot friendlier and it's easier to get things done...not so much politics and red tape.
  32. I have great neighbors and friends that have been so supportive and have invited me to be a part of so many things.
  33. I like the thought of being 33. I feel it's right where I should be right now!

Today may have been just another day....BUT

This year has been an extraordinary year!


At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Robin said...

I only wish I had the same list at 33. Believe me, the best is yet to come...with or without a "signigicant other". My life experience is that a Hysterectomy is a really good thing....hormones level out (or are just plain *gone* with the help of nice drugs)and you realize that there is a lot more to life than Romantic Love. In fact, there is a whole new world that has nothing to do with Romantic Love, Sex or learning to live with another human being(children excluded - only because once you give birth to to them the live with you physically or virtually one way or another! - hell, ask my parents who are patiently enduring MY presence!). Life - It's a good thing.


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