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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Do You Ever Stay Home??

Hey, I was home on Friday night and actually almost felt odd because I was! I think I am finally settling into the routine of "real" life and I'm not sure what to do with that. I'm not complaining, I just am not sure how to act when I am not dealing with dumb boys, a house that won't sell or a major move! It will settle down soon....I just need to relax!

With that being said, this weekend was a blur! I did stay home Friday and work on the basement (almost done!). Yesterday was the St. Louis Knitting Guild Workshop which was fun. The sock class was interesting and I like the pattern, though I don't feel like I learned a whole lot new from that class. (I think Anna & I learned more from Robin who was sitting between us trying to get her own sock done AND show us where were going wrong - THANKS!) My sock is really cute and I love the striping yarn I used. Here is my "proto-type"...

The afternoon class with Carol Hurt was FABULOUS! I think I learned more with her in the first 20 minutes than I since I started knitting!!! Such great tips and tricks she had! And her finishing techniques were really helpful. I probably could have listened to her talk all day and soaked everything in...what a great resource!

Then I even stopped into Hobby Lobby afterwards and bought some needles that were on 50% off and a cute Magic Stripes yarn from Lion Brand. I actually stayed up late last night to try it out, but I think I got the sizing all wrong, so I frogged it. I will try a bigger cast on next time!

After the workshop, I went over to my friend Lisa's house where they had a "drive-in" movie night. They had a bonfire in the backyard, then set up the computer and projector to show a movie on the side of their barn. We watched Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy. It was really cool, as there was a storm in the distance, with low thunder and lightning, so it added to the "aura" of the movie. It stormed not too long after the movie ended, which made for an interesting night...

Today was the quilt bingo at church and it was fun, though I didn't realize Bingo was THIS hardcore...There were a couple of crabby players, but overall it was fun. (Can someone explain to me why a player would need 10 DIFFERENT colored daubers to play??) We gave away 13 of the 20 quilts, so it was fun.

So when I got home tonight, I was letting the pups outside and my neighbors behind me starting yelling at me to come over. It was early and they are pretty cool, so I threw on a pair of jeans and went over. It was Cara's birthday and they had gone the wineries to celebrate. She had gotten a chiminea for her birthday and they were firing it up. I brought down a beer and sat and chatted with them for 3 HOURS! They are great people. We figured out too that all of our birthdays were within10 days of each other! The one neighbor Joe & Katie were out for the evening and his birthday is tomorrow. So us "girls" decided to TP his 7PM on a Sunday night! (Good thing that MO HP officer moved out of the neighborhood!) Joe got home a little later and was annoyed, but vowed revenge...looks like I may have a mess on Thursday morning... They are soooo much fun to hang out with...I can see lots of fun for years to come!

This week looks to be as busy as to answer my question...NO....and I like it that way!


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