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Monday, November 21, 2005

T'was the Monday Before Thanksgiving and All Through the House...

It's the Monday before Thanksgiving and I feel like I should have more on my list than I do. As of now, I just have to make 2 pies to take to my parents' on Thursday AND one is NOT going to be Pumpkin! It's going to be a little quiet there...Tim & Diane are hosting dinner for her family at their house, so it will just be other 4 of us. Matt will be home for break by then, so he'll add some comic relief to the mix!

This past weekend was actually quite relaxing, though busy. I had a CTMH Party at Lucille's church on Friday night. There were 6 people there and I was able to make some contacts for future parties. I was able to make my STTT Bonus with CTMH, so I have $75 in free product coming my way! (AND, not that I really care, but I found out some things that were said about me that weren't very nice during the break-up over the summer, but no one really believed what was said...I guess it pays to be cute and charming as always!)

I CANTORED DURING RIDING LESSONS on Saturday. And I actually meant to do it! I only got about 1/2 way around the arena and Bailey about put me into a pole, but I stayed on and kept my balance! I think I get to ride Mac this week, so probably no cantoring...Will need to work on getting him to stay moving for the most part. (the name Eyeore comes to mind!)

So I got Aubrey's scarf finished and it's long. Ok, it's 72" long and she's 2! It's something she can grow into... One skein of yarn was too short, but I didn't want to stop in the middle of the second one.(Patton's Melody in Fun N' Games) Anyway, they live in Chicago, so it can wrap around her a couple of times to stay warm! Ellena's scarf is in process and will probably not be AS long. I'm not going to use the whole skein - I don't think I'll have time before going up there on Sunday. (Need to clean and decorate the house for my Open House/Warming Party on Dec. 3)The green Fuzzy Feet will probably be going to Shauna, as she is begging me for them. I did buy pink wool for another pair, so I'll be keeping those.

I got to swim tonight, before going to the parish council meeting. I put in 2000 yards in about 40 minutes, which I thought was pretty good. (So I cheat and wear fins when I swim, but it keeps my heart pumping!) Still tons of cute guys there...need to go running tomorrow night!

I have no clue what I'm doing the rest of the week. I was talking to a friend of mine about going to the Singles party in StL sponsored by "It's Just Lunch" on Weds night, but her son is coming in town from college, so I don't know if she'll want to go. I did fill out a form for them on e-mail and they called last week. They guarantee 14 dates in a year for a cost of a cool $1500! Anna says she would also guarantee me 14 dates in a year for $1500, so I don't know if that's a good deal. Anyway, I think I want to try things on my own, or with the help of friends for a while, until I get really desperate. I'm going to "let it ride" through the holidays and see what 2006 brings...I'm always up for a new year!!


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