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Friday, November 11, 2005

The Basement Workshop Is Ready To Open For Business!

The basement is finally organized and ready to go for my open house tomorrow. Here is the before picture:

And the after pictures. (That's actually in the room off to the side of the main has a large cut-out in the side of the wall and the door is 5' tall, which I surprisingly KEEP HITTING MY HEAD ON!) Did I mention the part where I am an organizational freak and LOVE baskets and anything organizational??

Tomorrow should go well. I have between 10 & 15 people coming over to "play". We are stamping on tumbled tile coasters, tile magnets, ornaments, candles, note cubes and gift bags. I have a bunch of stuff to make for Christmas too! I need to start my Christmas cards for the card party I'm supposed to go to tomorrow night too!

So I got a bunch of comments on my last blog entry, which is cool. It was fun to put together and has put my life into perspective...good stuff! Good to know people are reading it too.

Did go by Chris' Yarn store in Chesterfield before my birthday dinner. I got some chunky self-striping yarn for Aubrey's scarf, another ball of sock yarn (Anna - thanks for the pattern...will have to try it!) and another ball of Chunky Gallway for another pair of Fuzzy Feet. Still need to finish the first ones...but I'm prepared! I also re-felted my purse again's closer in size to what I wanted, so that's good.

Tonight I ran over to the Circle Starr ranch to hang out with the kids on the ponies. They did really well and I was able to impart some of the wisdom that I have learned through my horseback makes sense to me now! (Thanks Robyn & Anna!) Here is a picture of Cowboy Chaser X and the Princess with me before the Rolla Rodeo in July 05. (It was pink day for Breast Cancer...they usually wear white or blue shirts, though Princess wears the purple or pink chaps, hat & boots all the time!)

Also, I asked my brother Matt to design a logo/mascot for my blog. He made up chariactures for our family for the yearly letter last year, which were a riot, so I can't wait to see what he comes up with! (Have to wait until after Thanksgiving though...he is getting ready for finals!)

Wish me luck for tomorrow. Dinner with the family is on Sunday...chili and taco soup and VERY casual...hopefully the Rams will be playing well and we hope it doesn't storm too much tomorrow!


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