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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Aren't We The Little Joiner??

So I joined the YMCA in town yesterday.(Actually I was a member for a couple of years, but quit when I moved to Sullivan...) It was a birthday gift to myself, so Happy Birthday to ME! Well, now that I've paid for it, I guess I better go. So I put on my new tennies...

Ok, not really new, but I bought them before I moved along with a cool discman some cute shorts and haven't really used any of them since then. I went running/walking tonight for about 30 minutes and I'm going to pay for it tomorrow. I'm in better shape than I thought, but need to tone! And there are a TON of cute guys that go there...hopefully none of them will notice me until I'm a bit more toned too! I think I'm going to swim later this week...I really miss that. (Yes Dad, I really do swim 1500 yards in 45 minutes...that's 60 laps!)

The CTMH Open House went well - I had 8 1/2 people come by and make stuff. (The princess came by with her mom...) Here are some samples: (The Fall Candle Holder was made for my mom...Cherie just wanted to see it...)

I sold about $350 in product, though I ended up buying a bunch of stuff myself. I'm now $81 away from my bonus of $75 in free product! I also signed up for Auto Ship of the new catalogs, so I should be getting them in early December... And I scheduled a gathering in January! I have a gathering Friday night at Lucille's church which should be fun. We are making Christmas cards and gift tags. (Still need to come up with a design for mine this year!)

Dinner on Sunday was fun too. The chili and Sante Fe soup were a big hit - too bad it wasn't as cold as it is now! UnfortunatelyDave was sick and we couldn't get Stacy to come out by herself...(we really just wanted to see her anyway...) Alison took a picture of me with my cake, that I didn't make myself. Dad picked it out and it had little bees on it - cute! I received gift cards from my favorite stores which was cool! (Yes, I know there weren't 33 two same colored candles were next to each other on the cake either...Thanks Mom!)

Tomorrow night I am going with some DG Alumnae sisters to see Wicked. It's sold out and we got great seats, so I'm excited to go. We are meeting for dinner at Cheesecake Factory, so it will be a luscious girls night out all the way around!

So check out my new "bling" in the sidebar when you get a chance. Apparently these are the "latest craze" in Blogs, so I joined in, of course! Add your location to my map and check out the local weather. (For those keeping score at's REALLY cold here, but no snow yet!)

As for the knitting, I have 1/2 a scarf for Aubrey done and 1/2 a scarf for Ellena done. I need more yarn for Aubrey's scarf, which I may try to get this weekend. Bought more yarn for another pair of Fuzzy Feet, but still have to finish my first foot. (I'm seeing an open weekend with lots of knitting and NFL games on Sunday!) Also bought more sock yarn for Toe Up Socks, but haven't found time to start them...soon I hope! (How many days/projects until Christmas??


At 7:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh look at those legs

At 9:20 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Happy Birthday! We're almost the same age. I'll be 33 in January.


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