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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

You Know The Universe Loves You When....

1. Your ex-husband (yes, Mr. CFP) calls you to "take care of some financial business" and starts talking to you about how AWESOME you are and how much he misses you and keeps saying that it would be cool to start over and you are so great, beautiful, and blah, blah, blah...AND YOU SHOOT HIM DOWN by saying that over the last year you've really learned a lot, including how much crap you put up with him and now it's really not anything that you want to put up with anymore. Good-bye!

2. The President's son (a fellow teammate) tells you that he had a conversation with his dad about you and it turns out the conversation is similar to things you've been saying for the last 4 months! Something to the effect of "Hi, I'm not being challenged enough...give me more to do!!!". (This may mean more work ahead, but hey, at least I'm NOT going to be dealing with #1 above!)

3. The laptop that you have been lobbying for, since you can't get your office moved closer to where you REALLY work, is on its way. It's a hand-me-down from Sales, but will fit the bill nicely. I was told today that its inevitable, though a definite date is not set.

4. The Fuzzy Feet are complete and felted, though still drying. And a new project, a hat (new endeavor) is on the needles and half-way done! (Still no sheep...But I have until 4/23/06 until Rodeo Season starts!)

5.You drive by the place where Cowboy Bob works EVERYDAY and you're to the point that you don't care if he's there or don't even bother to acknowledge his just don't want to deal with him ever again! POOF...He is just the figment of a VERY BAD dream...

6. You realize that you are having people over this weekend and that the house is really not in that bad of shape and can probably hold off cleaning until later in the week...Shopping for food is Friday!

7. You come to the true realization that all is good in the world. You have tons of fabulous friends, an awesome family and a life to be proud of.

Today definitely cancels out my "crabby" day yesterday....To all of you who fell victim to me yesterday...I'm in a better mood today...does that make it better??


At 9:44 PM, Blogger nittineedles said...

Your Fuzzy Feet look nice and warm. The cold weather has finally arrived and I have to get busy on my thrummed slippers.


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