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Monday, December 05, 2005

But Occiffer...I Didn't Think I Was Speeding....

It happened. The universe is getting me back a bit for being a little bit too cocky last week. (But I'm not taking any of that back, so BLAH on you Universe!)

And I've been dodging speeding tickets for the last couple of years. I think I've been pulled over about 6 times over the last 2 years (all after midnight, I might add!) and I've always gotten a warning.

Tonight, my luck and apparently my cute blonde facade ran out!

I got stopped by MO Hwy Patrol on the way home from work. I was going 67 in a 55 (My speedometer showed higher, but I'm not arguing!) along hwy 47. (So I was a little wired on Dr. Pepper, singing to the radio and a bit excited that today marks 19 weeks since I broke up with Cowboy Bob, which incidentally the same amount of time we dated...yeah, see ya LOSER!)

I was told that I would have gotten a warning for less than 10 over, but no, I was going 12 OVER! (Truth be told, had this been a county cop, I probably would have gotten a warning, but this was State and those guys can be tricky...remember, I dated one of those MOHP guys for awhile...I know!)

Since this wasn't a "Hey, do you know Cowboy Bob...we used to date" moment, I took the ticket with a "Thank You" and headed home. It's a mail-in ticket for $108...Merry Christmas Missouri!

I guess it could have been worse...It could have been one of the officers I had met when I was with him and that could have been awkward...

"Haven't we met?"...

"Yeah, I used to date the psycho at C2...couldn't I get just a warning for having survived that??"

Um, No...


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