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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

T-3+ Days and Counting...

'Til Christmas... You know, that holiday that everyone seems to have gone insane over.

Like all the nutso people in line everywhere that are so freaked out that they aren't moving...Um, there are 20 people in's going to be a little bit and none of the other lines are any better and it would be best if you CHILLED OUT and laughed about it as there's not much else you can do....

The wrapping is done. Well, most of it is done...I have a gift that is MIA. It shipped from LL Bean on the 12th and is somewhere between Hazelwood, MO and Sullivan, MO via the post office. (Is that not a recipe for disaster or what!) If it doesn't come tomorrow, I guess I will stop by the post office after I leave work and ask if they would call me if it comes in, as the plant is closed on Friday and Saturday. Worse comes to worst, I will give the recipient a picture of the gift and deliver it next week when I retrieve it from the USPS. LLBean says it should be here tomorrow, so I'm not giving up yet! All other gifts are done, though I ran out tonight for some last minute stuff and found tons of cute stuff I could have added...Alas, the finances does not allow, thank goodness!

So tomorrow afternoon is cookie decorating with the Princess. It was downgraded from an all day baking/decorating affair on Friday to decorating only on Thursday night. Chaser X is sick and Mom needs some time to clean, so this will be best. The cookies are made and icing ready to go! Today I took in my "world famous" (ok, ATI famous) sugar cookies to work. The recipe is NO secret and is here. I've even made the icing this year, which was sooo good and sooo easy in the KitchenAid mixer!

As for the knitting....Ah, the knitting. The latest score is one scarf dangerously close to completion and another one planned for my sister's boyfriend. I'm found a pattern for a cool cable knit scarf, so we will attempt. It doesn't look too tough...but ask me again after I start it! Mittens are still at the gusset and the hat is at the crown (top down), so no progress there. And incidentally I am planning on going to lunch and to the yarn shop with Anna on Friday, so there you go. And I don't really have a plan for that, other than worsted weight in a cream/khaki in about 300 yards. (No, really, no plan...)

So tomorrow is my last day of work for 2005. It will be the end of a good year. I have written and gotten 76 SOPs approved, which is more than 1 a week since I've been there. And I'm getting things changed, which is good too. I am looking forward to new changes in 2006. Hopefully my job will remain challenging and exciting. And I would love to meet great new people (especially potential dates - HINT) and expand my business and my social circles....

Anyway, to those of you who I know personally and for all of you that stop by on line....I wish you a joyous and safe holiday season...and I will be checking in next week...


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