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Monday, December 12, 2005

It's All About MEME

I have seen this on several Knitting Blogs and loved it, so I thought I should do one. (And Laurie aka Crazy Aunt Purl tagged everyone in the world to do one!) And anyone who knows/has met/heard of me knows that I LOVE a good list, so here goes...

TEN Random Things You May Not Know About Me...

  1. I am the shortest person in my family (by ALOT!)
  2. I sleep with a blanket, or something to snuggle with
  3. I can't stand to have a messy kitchen
  4. I have a place in my heart for a good looking man in boots, Wranglers & a good hat. (As long as he meets the Rules)
  5. I love to sing in my car and at home to REALLY loud music
  6. I have always imagined being married to or closely related to someone famous
  7. I really do like to go shopping, but only when I am in the mood to go
  8. I love to travel, especially by plane
  9. I miss being married sometimes, but NOT the person I was married to
  10. I cannot drink wine and then switch to Rum & Cokes without getting sick

NINE Places I Have Visited...

  1. South Korea
  2. Montreal
  3. Cancun
  4. Chicago
  5. Washington, DC
  6. Oregon
  7. California
  8. Florida
  9. Phoenix

EIGHT Ways To Win My Heart...

  1. Tell me I am smart
  2. Tell me I am beautiful
  3. Appreciate me for all the things that I am
  4. Appreciate me for all the things that I am not
  5. Be on time
  6. Remember my birthday
  7. Clean up after yourself, especially at my house
  8. Love my dogs

SEVEN Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  1. Be a parent
  2. Visit Rome & Vatican City
  3. Have & enjoy my 15 minutes of fame
  4. Visit Ireland
  5. Go to a great musical on Broadway
  6. Finish my scrapbooks, so I have a legacy
  7. Learn how to spin

SIX Things I Am Afraid Of

  1. Being buried alive
  2. Unsecured heights (the big fall & sudden stop)
  3. Severe Thunderstorms/Tornadoes
  4. Poisonous Snakes
  5. Poisonous Spiders
  6. Rats/Mice

FIVE Things I Don't Like

  1. High gas prices
  2. Rocky Mountain Oysters (yes, I tried them by accident in college)
  3. Stupid drivers (on the phone, weaving in & out, slow, not paying attention, etc.)
  4. Being hit on by married men, especially at work
  5. People taking credit for work I have done

FOUR Ways To Turn Me Off

  1. Lie to me
  2. Disrespect me
  3. Be constantly late
  4. Break my heart

THREE Things I Do Everyday

  1. Take a shower & wash my hair
  2. Read the comics in the paper
  3. Check my e-mail

TWO Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Friends/Family
  2. Finishing a project (any kind!)

ONE Thing On My Mind Right Now

  1. Do I work on making Christmas Cards or knitting Christmas gifts tonight?

Feel free to do this MEME yourself and send it to me if you want...I'd be curious to see the's much tougher to complete than it looks!


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