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Sunday, January 29, 2006


First of all, thanks to all who commented on my last entry. I am doing better, though still working everyting out. I think writing it down and really taking a hard look at all that's going on right now is good... That and Anna said that there was something SERIOUSLY wrong with the Universe that day and all sorts of WACKY (that's putting it lightly!) things were happening to otherwise normal people all over the place that day, so I was not alone in what I was feeling...and it wasn't even a full moon or the 13th or anything!.....Ok, and that's all I'm going to say about that...

(Oh, and Crazy Aunt Purl used the same title for her blog entry yesterday that I had...but for the record, I used it FIRST!)

So yesterday I took a little road trip with Bill & Cherie to Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston, MO.

It was about a 2 hour trip and Bill drove, so I got some quality knitting in. We got there at the right time, as we didn't have to wait and sat right down. The food was wonderful! (Cracker Barrel has NOTHING on them....Southern Fried, real butter, accents, bow ties, throwed rolls and everything!) Yep, it's the home of the "Throwed Rolls" and we got caught in the crossfire, even though we were seated next to the wall. We decided that the "JV" Roll Throwing Team was on duty, as they couldn't hit any of their "targets" and I ended up with two hitting my feet and one skipping across my plate of mashed potatoes, then Cherie's plate, then hitting the wall! I didn't know a roll would EXPLODE like that! The workers were rather entertaining too, especially since we ended up sitting there for almost an hour after we ate...Hey it was a 2 hour drive...we were going to savor the atmosphere!

Since I am all for multi-tasking, I was able to ride in the back of the van and knit, while listening to good comedy CDs and enjoying good conversation....SHEEP 1 is complete except for the eyes...need to fine a place that sells cute black button eyes. Somehow one of the front legs were HUGE, but it turned out OK. As I have always said...."Felting cures all knitting mistakes..."

The pattern for the sheep is called "baa...baa...baa..." by Bev Galeskas from the book Encyclopedia of Knitting by Donna Kooler.

I can't find the tag from the brown/offwhite yarn, but the hooves & nose are Plymouth Galway Highland Heather in color #704. I may make the next one in a white, which is a Cascade 220 in natural...but I haven't decided yet. I made the body single ply, which I probably should have doubled it, but it turned out OK.

Before Felting:

After Felting & Stuffing:

Still haven't even printed out my pattern for the Knitting Olympics. I do still need to settle on a yarn too. I may "scuba" the stash and see what I come up with before committing myself to a LYS run. Not that I don't like to go, but...

My swim kids have a fun meet this weekend which should be interesting. They only run places and don't take times. This non-competitive, competitive swimming is crazy! It's definitely not a Rockwood or Parkway program out here! (though trying to recruit swimmers for Dad's team at Ursuline!)

Many more road trips are in discussion...I want to go to Chicago to see my girlies when it gets warmer and I have a standing invitation to visit my aunt & uncle in Davenport, IA. I'd like to go when my uncle's band The Bureaucats is playing, so I'll have to check the schedule. Plus, Cherie & Bill are talking about other places to go in MO to eat...(Keep swimming!) Then Anna is talking about road trips to yarn & spinning stores in MO....Sounds like the Spring & Summer are going to be busy....All I can say is:



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