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Friday, February 03, 2006

How To Get Out Of Work Early On A Friday....Without Really Trying!

1. Get excited and want to watch when the new engineer is getting ready to clean out a product supply pipe using a new method. (We're talking about sending a rubbery tube called a PIG that is 3" in diameter by about 6" long through a 3" diameter stainless steel pipe using 100 psi of air pressure - that's a whole lot of freakin' air pressure for you non-techy types!)

2. Get a little too close to said engineer (12' away!) and the 30 gallon waste bucket while he is releasing the air pressure on the pipe during cleaning and subsequently get SPRAYED head to toe with product when he opened the valve just a wee bit too much and the hose got away from him!

Enter Exhibit A:

This picture was taken AFTER I had wiped off my face and spit everything out of my mouth. (Thank God for Safety Glasses!) I was hit with a mixture of shaving cream, stainless steel cleaner and spray-on plaster - YUMMY! Of course the best part was that it was right before the operators went to break, so there was an audience. All I could do was laugh - why bother getting mad! And news travelled pretty quick, so everyone knew about it by the time I left. I have no clue if it will come out of my clothes...guess I'll start them soaking here pretty soon! It all came off my skin and out of my hair, so I don't have to worry about that...

Don't worry Cory, I won't forget about this for a very long time!


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