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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Just Call Me "Bode"...

I decided over lunch on Friday that I was probably going to be the "Bode Miller" of the US Knitting Olympic Team - you know, lots of hype, great potential, didn't come through in the clutch... Case in point:

Here is the status of my project at noon on Sunday (aka - Closing Day!). Yes, that's my FIRST sock and no, it's not done. I don't know if it was the partying in the Olympic Village, the sprained ankle from the pick-up basketball game or perhaps ALL the interviews that I had to do, but I was not able to get any further...

And I have some major mistake going on - for some reason the bottom of the sock is now knitting a garter pattern, rather than stockinette, despite my best efforts to correct it. Also, the ribbing pattern is all off and it doesn't fit this size 8 foot.

What have I learned from little experience? Not much really, other than I have a lot going on and not enough time to dedicate to knitting. And when I do knit, I have to concentrate more on the project at hand and not so much on speed. Perhaps this being my first attempt to compete at the "senior" level (Only been knitting since Aug05) has something to do with it too.

At any rate, the sock is going to be completely frogged soon and the yarn put to something else - perhaps a less challenging pattern for socks. I did just order the Knitting Vintage Socks book by Nancy Bush and I understand there are some great patterns in there. Which is good, because I just ordered some Socks That Rock yarn and would like to know what I am doing before starting those!

Anywhoo...On the dating front, I have dinner tonight with one of my "matches" from eHarmony tonight. I kind of told him that I had a blog the other day, which I will probably regret someday. (And if that's you and you are reading this...DO NOT look at any other posts and forget that you have seen me, it's NOT that exciting!) I was telling him about the Olympic Socks debacle and it kind of slipped out. So we'll see how that goes... I have learned though that you can learn a whole lot about someone by how they present their personal profile and what they list as their "Must Have's/Can't Stands" - if they require someone who is "more attractive than average", they are cocky jerks and need to be axed right away!

So, I'm going to go back to my sheep and Irish Walking Scarf projects for now...I will work on the socks once I recover from the shock of failing at the Knitting Olympics...At least this next time I will have 4 years to train for it...


At 10:56 AM, Blogger AmyArtisan said...

Hang in there - the Olympics are so much more than stepping atop the podium to receive the gold medal! Yeah to you for going after a difficult event - I look forward to seeing when you post a picture of finished socks! Knit on! :)


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