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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Yes....I am still alive. Though it was a little "touch and go" last week with my stomach flu/food poisoning bout, but I survived.

So this is going to be short, as I only have a few minutes. I just wanted to let everyone know that I was still here....

Actually been working on some projects too. The Sophie bag is almost finished and I have a recipient picked out for it too. The socks are started, but I'm having some hand soreness issues with the little needles, so we'll look at those some more soon. And I committed to make my god-daughter a cardigan for Christmas, so I will be looking at that soon. Yes, I know it's over 6 months until Christmas, but do you know how fast that's going to go!

Ok, so I will leave it at this and promise to have more written and pictures to post. As promised, I still have to post KC pix from 2 months ago, pix from Matty's graduation in Chicago from this weekend and of course my pink golf clubs for Anna. (still playing Ok with them- perhaps it's the color!)

Oh, and I found out this weekend, when seeing a ton of my extended family, that they all keep up with me on my blog, so now I'm under pressure to keep it up. (I promise I'll be better Hyla....)


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