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Friday, October 13, 2006

Spinning My Wheels

So I start spinning glass tomorrow. That would be yarn spinning, not that aerobic crap. (T does it and is good at it - I don't think I have the knees for it)

Anyhoo....from what I hear, you either love it or you hate it, so it should be an adventure. I'm not sure if my analytical mind can handle something soooo crafty, but we'll see. Hey, it was on my MEME list last year of "Things I Want To Do Before I Die", so I need to at least try it. I know, I've got time, but might as well get it over with. Oh, and it's at Meyer's House in Historic Florissant, so it will be a hike.

Oh, and I have to tell you...My cousin Kerin (Little A & Little E's mom) won this national teaching award this week. She was on the TV news in Chicago and all over the paper. The funny thing is that I caught the article about the STL winners and it mentioned that it was going to Chicago & Glen Ellyn to give awards there next. For some reason I had a sneaky suspicion that it might be Kerin and I knew it as soon as I saw her e-mail. CONGRATULATIONS KERIN!!

Ok, TOTALLY if I can just channel that for MY benefit...

(Yes, for those of you keeping score at home...this is my 3rd post this week - so blah!!)


At 8:50 PM, Blogger Lucinda said...

I've had freaky premonition things happen like that before. Isn't it weird? Kind of cool, but sort of freaky feeling at the same time. Too bad it doesn't work for lottery tickets!

At 6:41 AM, Blogger Cindy said...

OK. So what did you think of spinning? I took from Carol at Meyer House, too, and just loved her and spinning. I now have a Joy wheel and bought my first fleece this spring. Seriously, if it bites you (and it took a while for me to actually "get" it), you are sunk:))

At 5:41 PM, Blogger Lucinda said...

So how is the spinning going? How was the class? We want to hear all about it.


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