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Monday, July 24, 2006

Time to Breathe

I'm acutally getting some time to regroup this week. T's in Colorado with a friend of his this week doing "guy" stuff, so I get to catch up on some stuff this week.

***Now don't get me wrong, I miss him terribly and love spending time with him, so that's not even an issue. It's just that there has been so much going on with family, friends, work, hobbies, etc. that I feel like I've been a huge slacker and not been able to spend the time doing some of the things I need to do....Like:

Blogging: First of all, I'm working to get over the thought that I HAVE to include pictures in every post. They're great and all, but not really worth procrastinating over. I have actually been working on some knitting and decided to actually FINISH some of my objects out there, so there is hope. (My next post will include some pix of said objects...there are a couple of them out there!)

Knitting: It's actually 5 months from tomorrow until Christmas (YIKES!) and I have a bunch of projects I want to finish by then. And my stash seems to grow and the projects seem to not! Time to start really working on them and finding time to get them done. It's a perfect thing to do while watching "Grey's Anatomy" & Football in the Fall!

Scrapbooking: Yes, I actually count this as a hobby and have enough stuff in the basement to prove it. I actually need to clean that out, streamline some, e-Bay some and get it re-organized. I need to get back into the CTMH stuff too - it's been too long and I need to put some more effort into it. There are some great projects out there and I need to get them going!

Organizing: While I count myself among one of the more orgainzed people on the planet, you would never know it if you looked in my house. I still have stuff stashed EVERYWHERE from when I moved in and it needs to be sorted an put away. My office looks like a "war zone" and needs the most immediate help at this point! There is also some work that needs to be done to the house that has been waiting, but that may be a later in the Fall/Winter project.

Working Out: I have been a major slacker this summer and it needs to quit! Too many margaritas and great Mexican has been my downfall. We are even visiting a nutritionist, so you would think I'd be a little better about the accountability. So this week I've decided to jump start the workout again and get the momentum going...those 20+ pounds aren't going to just fall off by themselves!

Catching Up: I actually do a pretty good job of keeping up with everyone, though I don't feel like I spend enough time on it. (There are some reasons for it that I suspect is with me, but that's for another time.) Anyway, I got to spend some time with my neighbors this weekend and last night and had a blast and look forward to catching up with more people soon. In fact, I'm going to visit my cousin and her family this weekend in Chicago which will be fun and a great time!

Ok, so it's sounds like I'm turning over a "new leaf". Maybe not completely, as I really enjoy my life and all the things in it, but I think I'm to a point where everything is settling down now and I can get a little better organized with my time and spend more time doing more of the things I enjoy!

PS - For those of you who have heard about the storms up here, our family thankfully came out OK. I think I lost power for about 20 minutes and T had some branches come down. I heard that MA lost power for a bit and maybe Dave, but no one suffered any great loss or hardship. Thanks for your thoughts and please keep all those who are still without power and are suffering in your thoughts & prayers.


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