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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Walking in Memphis

I'm in Memphis this week for a class on tablet technology. We are going through all the science of making tablets, from formulation through tablet coating. It's actually quite fascinating, if you are into that kind of thing. It's at the Univ. of Tenn - Memphis and can give you more information if you want it....
Ok, so really the best part of the trip has been BEING in Memphis. I mean, I'm staying at the Double Tree Downtown, which is literally 2 blocks off of Beale Street and across the street from The Peabody. Oh, and I overlook the Memphis Cardinals Stadium:

It almost looks like a mini version of Busch Stadium.

Here's the view from the other window facing East. (I'm on the top floor, too)

Yeah, that's the Greyhound Station in the front, but the view down Union is great!
On Monday, we went to Blues City Cafe for ribs that were amazing. We also sampled some music around Beale Street and drank "Big Ass Beers". Gotta love a place where open containers are legal on the street! I saw the "ducks" at the Peabody, though in the Duck Palace on the roof. I don't think I'll make the parade through the lobby this week...
Today was our "long" class day. We had 4 labs today, so lots of time on our feet. We got out a little early and I had a chance to go see Sun Records, but I was too beat to do it, so I came back to catch up on e-mail and crash for a bit.
Two more days to go!


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