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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Is it the "Cubs Curse"?

Greetings from Basel. It's Wednesday night. I was supposed to be here Tuesday morning, but was delayed about 8 hours. I think it was the Cubs be the judge!

So this all started late last week, when I was joking with my friend JR who is a die-hard Cubs fan over the Cards/Cubs games this past weekend. A wager was set over the outcome of the series. (ok, it got a little racy towards the end, but it was a good bet!)

After splitting the series and a nail-biter mid-way through the 5th, the Cards handily won the series, thus I won the bet. (thank goodness - see the note above!) My parents were at the game and I stayed at their house and watched it on TV, Life was good.

Come Monday morning, I was scheduled to leave for my last trip to Basel on this project. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky. I got up, went running, ate a good breakfast, MA took me to the airport, Life Is Good, right...yeah, not so fast...

My flight to NYC was great. No major turbulence, sunny skies, got in on time, etc. I was able to enjoy a nice lunch, catch up with some friends online, etc. All was well.

I got my flight to Zurich. I was in a row to myself, though surrounded by about 20 kids under the age of 12. (turns out a lot of families were headed to Tel Aviv via Zurich for the 60th anniversary of Israel this week...) I figured they would settle down after the meal and it got dark, so that was fine.

Until we sat there for an HOUR after the time we were supposed to take off.
Then they had us get off the plane due to maintenance.
Then 15 minutes later, they cancelled the flight.

At this time, I was on the phone with JR, who reminded me that because I had won the bet, that the Cubs Curse was out to get me. Apparently I had upset the universe and it was "righting" itself at that time. This was NOT a good sign of things to come!

Since I have Platinum status on AA, I was able to get in that ticket line and get rerouted through London to Zurich that night, instead of having to wait 24 hours for the same flight, the next day. The trick was that I had to get my luggage, which was stuck in customs to British Airways 1 hour before departure, or they would not let me or my luggage fly! I made that by about 10 minutes and got on the flight. It was completely full, but I liked it better than AA - individual screens on the seats, they give you masks and socks,etc and the alcohol was complimentry! The flight was a tad bit shorter too, and I got to hang out in the infamous new Terminal 5, which was cool, even though I was a mess and everything was uber expensive! (I got some magnets and Westie stuff though...)

I finally got to Zurich at about 2:30 in the afternoon and to my apartment in Basel at about 6. It was a long 2 days and I was ready to shower, eat & crash. I did arrive with all my luggage, so I was ahead of the game in some respects...

So, yeah, I think it was the universe getting back at me for betting against the Cubs. Still don't regret the bet and have every intention of collecting on that bet. (Hey JR - not kidding about dessert too for this one!)

And there is a good chance that I'll make it again 3 more times this year, when the Cards/Cubs play again. I think I'll take that chance....Feeling good about my boys this year!!


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