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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Lighten Up Already, Will Ya??

It came to my attention this week that I was being such a "Debbie Downer" on my last trip to Switzerland. (Really, this came to me all by myself...though a couple of trusted friends did not argue with me when I said it!).

To those of you who that effected - I apologize profusely. That was not my intent, nor do I have a clue what caused that, though I could probably come up with some good guesses. Needless to say, about 24 hours back at home kicked that, and I think for good.

This week has been fun. I have been able to catch up with some friends I haven't seen in a while, ate Mexican a couple times, saw a great Cardinal's game, made a great bet on the Cards/Cubs games and WON!, ran a 5k in 38 minutes and found someone to mow my lawn. I was a little bummed that I would not be going back over during the Summer, but after getting a little taste of Summer in da 'Lou, I AM happy to be coming home. There will be a lot going on here and I'm excited to be able to be part of it. LIFE IS GOOD!

I've come to some revelations about myself lately too. Like, I need to make sure that I'm happy with me and what I'm doing. AND focus on making sure that I don't take myself too seriously. I think it's been coming out in all the wrong places and is not working for me. There are so many parts of my life I can control - I need to focus on that. Worrying about the stuff I cannot control will not get me anywhere and is not worth the effort, really!! (um, Duh! - Yeah, I know...)

I want to travel more and see family/friends I have not seen in a while (This is your warning - I may be heading your way!!). I have work that needs to be done to the house that I would love to get to and keep running and hopefully swimming more. (Sounds like I'll be busy this summer!!)

Tomorrow I go back to Basel for my last trip this round. (Not sure if I'll go back later - I'm on the "maybe" list and will find out over the next months.) This will be a relatively short trip - only about 17 days vs. the 30 days I was last time. It will go fast and be fun. We have a couple of weekend trips planned to Austria and Germany, so it will be good.

To all of you I did not get to see this week, I will be back at the end of May and I look forward to seeing you soon!!


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