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Monday, March 16, 2009

We Apologize for The Delay...

I'm trying my best to get out there and "live" my life, but I feel like I keep getting delayed.

Right now I'm literally sitting in the STL airport, waiting for a flight that has been delayed for 2 hours due to mechanical issues. I keep thinking of all the stuff I could have done this morning, rather than sitting here...waiting. But then I think that I have not had any "down" time for a couple of weeks and sitting and not doing, is not so bad!

Work has been crazy lately. I am scheduled to be working with the NC team in their office until at least mid-April. Work is getting slow and the company is taking action, so it's putting everyone on edge. While I'd like to think I'm "safe" for now, with the way things have been going, I can't say that with certainty...I don't think anyone can. All I can do is find as much work as I can, do the best work that I can and pray.

"Real Life" has not really been put on hold, though feels like it. This past weekend was "Shower Mania" weekend with a bridal shower for MA and a baby shower for Mrs. Dunnters. There were great women there and lots of fun!! Saturday was the bridal shower and the group ended up playing drinking games at the end of the night. For those keeping score...the age range was from 20ish to 50ish...!! Quite the group, and yet there was lots of laughing, dancing and WooHoo's all night long. Next weekend is a wedding in Miami with family, then a retreat weekend and another shower weekend. Rumor has it, I will have time in April...though that has not been confirmed!!

My dating life is still on hiatus and I'm ok with that. There are several guys that I talk to on a regular basis, which makes life interesting. We compare dating stories and talk about how crazy guys & girls are...we haven't solved the world's problems yet, but working on it! (no, not sure if I would actually date them's all in the timing!) And of course I have been hanging out with wonderful women in NC and at home, so I'm in good hands. Yes, sometimes it's still lonely, but I am surrounded by great friends and family, so I know I am blessed.

Hopefully we will be back to "Our Regularly Scheduled Programming" soon. I could use a couple nights at home and some extra sleep!!


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