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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Fall (As in Autumn) of Shannon

The Summer of Shannon is slowly coming to a close. The AC has been turned off. The top on the convertible has been up more than it has been down. The grass is FINALLY starting to not have to be mowed EVERY week. Etc...

It's been a good Summer. I found out who my really good friends are. I found out that my family (immediate & extended) really dig me. I got a cool car. Work finally clicks with me. My house finally is starting to look lived in and "grown up". I feel like my life is finally in order...I think.

The end of August was a whirlwind. I went to Iowa to visit my aunt and uncle in Davenport. It was a cool trip and luckily an easy drive. They live in the city, so we were close to everything. On Friday night we went down to the riverside and had dinner in this great outdoor cafe. It's hard to believe that this is the same Mississippi River! Saturday my aunt & I visited the Farmer's Market which was great - love the fresh fruit & veggies.
Then we met up with my uncle and rode bikes down to the river, took the ferry to the IL side for lunch and rode all over. The weather was beautiful and the ride was fabulous. On Sunday we got up and played golf. Again, beautiful weather, but I played terribly (not playing any more this year...). And the drive home was good.

Since then, I have have been hanging out with friends, I bought a new bike to race and train with and been meeting new people. I have had some dates too, which have been fun. Been to some great places and had fun. I think I may have met someone great with a lot of potential and it's going well so far, but I'm so afraid I'm going to revert to old ways and sabotage. I know,I know, I've come so far, learned so much and become a much better person...but it's so easy to go back to that familiar place and stay. So I'm trying harder to be better about it and not be so obsessive and planning and intense....but it's hard. (There is a lot of praying and late night texts to friends to help me through my insanity - thanks y'all.) For now, not going to divulge much more...need to see how this plays out.

I found out today that I may be going to MI for a couple of weeks for work. It's not my first choice, but it's work and they say MI is nice this time of year, so I probably won't be too bad. And I've never been there, so it will be a cool new place to check out. Of course they told me I won't find out until Thursday if I have to be there Monday, so this weekend may be interesting!

Still training for triathlons, though the season is pretty much over. I decided I would train through the Fall/Winter and then try to compete in one a month next year. It's a lofty goal, but I have plenty of time and a new bike! With a bell!! (that one is for you, Linz)
So here I am, easing into the Fall of Shannon, keeping on the path forged at the start of the Summer. It's been a little rocky at times, but mostly rather fun and I'm looking forward to the trail being blazed as I go.


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At 9:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You Go Girl!

At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shannon - hope to catch up with you when I finally get back to St. louis!


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