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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2008!

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to my sister MA on getting engaged last night. Her fiance' is a great guy and will be a great addition to the family.

I decided to call it quits with BW this week. I felt like I was working too hard too early on and was feeling like I wasn't being made a high enough priority. In addition, my family was not happy with the fact that I was "stood" up on Christmas Eve - it's hard to make up that ground with the group. (Of course the last time I ignored my family's feelings, I ended up divorced, so it's hard to argue with that logic.) So I'm keeping my options open and hoping to meet new people.

Switzerland is in 6 days and counting. I have not started packing, though I have gotten most of the "travel" stuff already. That will be a project for this weekend...

I did get some Christmas knitting finished, but pictures are still on the camera. I'll post them when I can.

Keep checking back on the blog for updates from Switzerland. I'll be posting pictures and stories of our adventures over there.


At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Bryan Davenport said...

I wish you would have been honest about some of the stuff written here with me.


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