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Monday, December 17, 2007

Get Your Updates Here

Just a couple of updates for your viewing pleasure...

I updated my Blog picture. It's from the party over the weekend and it shows off my sassy new haircut. (BW says I have evil eyes, as I try to keep them open when my picture is taken - I have a tendency to squint. He says it's cute, so we'll see)

Other projects that have been in progress/completed:
Stocking for my newest SIL Stacy:

I made Matt's about 20 years ago and I'm impressed that they are pretty similar. I cannot say the same for some of the others I have made! My great-grandmother MaMoo made stockings for the other 4 of us before she died, so Mom asked me to make Matt's for him, as I was his god-mother. (or at least that's what I was told) I've been the designated "stocking maker" since then.
I finished another baby sweater:

Pattern: Baby Pullover from Knitting Pure & Simple

Yarn: Blue Sky Cotton (I think)

Recipient: No clue now. I originally made it for the son of my project manager in NC, but he was born in July and was a big kid, so not sure if this will fit him now. It may go to another cute little guy who was born recently. (Of the 7 people who were pregnant early this year, I think 4 of them had boys...)

I don't have pictures of the green roving I spun, but I'll post when I ply it with another shade of green. No Christmas knitting this year...not. enough. time...

I will have lots of travel knitting going on though and I've already hinted to the girls that I was going to teach them how to knit. Oh sure, they know the knit stitch, but they have no clue what other fun adventures await them with the PURL stitch....bwwwaaaaa!!!


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