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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vogel Gryff Day in Basel

I have 2 days of pictures, so I'm going to put up two posts. Make sure you check out both of them.

Saturday was Vogel Gryff Day (or here) in Basel. According to several websites: Rafting the wild man around 10.30 pm; landing in Little Klingental 11 hours, dance on the Middle Rhine bridge 12 hours. Dancing in the afternoon and evening, according to the program. Free night in the restaurants. (Personally, the entire thing reminded me of the Veiled Prophet Society in STL)

Here is a video of the "Wild Man" on the raft:

Here is a picture that is a little clearer:

Here is me with our PM Jeff along the Rhein:

Then we walked around Basel and this is what a typical Saturday afternoon looks like:

While out and about, I found some more yarn at a store that had a great selection. It was in the middle of a department store, but the prices for yarn from Italy & France were tough to beat. I have already added it to Ravelry (blondengr) and I'll get pictures of it soon.

After that I went back to the hotel and slept for 2 hours! Then we went out for "Scaffolding Pizza" or at Bear Roma. (All the places are referenced by something other than their real names, in order to remember them!) It was good pizza, though it was not cut - need to bring a pizza cutter...

More adventures on Sunday....


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